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“The Big Blue”. Luc Besson, 1988.


Jacques is asked for help by his classmates who have just spotted a coin shine at the bottom of the sea. He is preparing to dive but Enzo turns up. He dives and rises to the surface with the precious coin in just six seconds. Jacques moves aside.

Johanna Baker works for an insurance company in New York that sends her in the snowy Andes of Peru. On arrival, she immediately falls under the spell of Jacques, who was called to inspect a wreck trapped under the ice. Back in New York, after some hesitation, she finally decides to return to Europe to live with the love of her life.

A few years later Enzo, the free diving world champion calls his friend to dispute his title in Taormina in Sicily. They meet thus for the occasion. Enzo is still as exuberant and more Italian than ever. Jacques, who has lost his parents when young, is a reserved guy who spends most of his time swimming with dolphins. Finally Enzo retains his title and Johanna and Jacques are both invited to celebrate it with Enzo’s family.

Jacques, shortly after, manage to dive to 101 meters, but Enzo does not let himself be upstaged and soon descend to 114 meters. The competition continues and, over the international competitions, the two childhood friends are breaking their own records in turn. But danger lurks, diving below that point is sheer madness. At this depth the blood cannot hold enough oxygen for the divers to resurface.