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“Blissful alexander” Yves Robert, 1967.


Alexander is a peasant as strong as an ox who farms his 120 acres of land without a break. But what he loves above all is fishing, playing pool or football, listening to the birds singing, playing the trumpet and sleeping in the hay. But his wife won’t hear of it and remembers him to work with a walkie-talkie whenever he falls asleep on his tractor or lingers along the road. To cheer him up, his neighbour, a good friend of his, offers him one of his dogs that he cannot keep. However, submissive, he hides it from his wife as Obelix does when carrying Dogmatix for a trip.

One day his wife dies in a car accident. At the funeral his friends ask him what he will do now. His answer is clear: “nothing”. He will take time to take it easy, that’s life! When he comes back home, he frees the farm animals, erases the blackboard, which included the list of chores and goes to bed right away.

Time passes and it has been about two months now that Alexander has not left his bed! His dog, friendly enough, goes to the grocer’s for him. Antoine, a friend, volunteered to try to reason with the sleeper, but when he returns he is no longer the same. He has been contaminated by the words of Alexander and decided to stop working too. Soon the contagion reaches the entire village, much to the annoyance of his neighbour who does everything to ensure that Alexander finally gets out of bed. Agathe, a pretty green-eyed girl has just arrived in the village to work at the grocery store. Can she convince Alexander to get up?