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“The trip in the moon” by Georges Méliès. 1902.


During a lecture attended by eminent scientists, professor Barbenfouillis sets out his ambitious project to a boisterous audience: a trip to the moon! A team made of fearless volunteers is formed. Soon begins the making of a shell and a launching ramp that will propel them to the heavenly star.

Once there, they witness an earthlight. But soon some snow begins to fall. The crew goes down to the entrails of the moon, a place where giant mushrooms grow very quickly. However soon enough they notice that they are not alone, they face the moon dwellers, which after a brief fight finally make them prisoners. They take them to their chief right away …

Six years after the cinematograph was invented, Georges Méliès conceives this adaptation of two of Jules Vernes’ novels “From the earth to the moon” and “Around the moon”. Doing so he creates a new genre in cinema: the enchentment. But above all, conjurer by profession, he makes up a new technique: the faking. Méliès, without revolutionizing filmmaking, is in that way the forerunner of science fiction and its special effects. He uses his talent to make fun of the scholar society, caricaturing them as pretentious and incompetent.