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HIROSHIMA MY LOVE, by Alain Resnais.


In 1959, Hiroshima has become a city of peace, a city cultivating the memory of the catastrophe. In this context, a French actress is acting in a film about peace. The next morning we find her entwined in the arms of a Japanese architect she met at the “New Hiroshima” hotel.

Supposed to be a one night stand, that love will eventually awake the painful memory of a forbidden love. A youthful love for a German soldier she paid dearly for. In her hometown Neuverre, this was considered a treachery in wartime and had not been forgiven. The mistreatment she suffered from 17 years ago suddenly reappear on the occasion of this new passion to which she cannot commit.

Our heroine with a distant look is haunted by these painful memories which will eventually take over. The psychological scars caused by her incarceration are stopping her from surrendering to this budding romance. Unable to cling to anything real, she keeps reliving in thoughts that first love shattered by war.

The time of narration, here given by the detached voice of the actress, is repeated in the film. A repetition of the tragic events that cannot be prevented in history.

The atomic bomb, without being the topic of the film, hovers above it. A theme even better addressed when almost absent. A story of impossible love as basis for a film on Hiroshima: this is something paradoxical enough to speak about a disaster which is most difficult to handle.