Belgian films


Also known as “It happened in your neighbourhood”, this is a Belgian film, the most improper one I have ever seen in my entire life! We are in Belgium a crew of cinema students is following Ben, an ordinary serial killer, in his daily life in Brussels.

The title refers to a media criticism. You never hear about a dog that bites a man because it is so common it is never reported. You only hear about unusual events like a man biting a dog.

Well here the crew following Ben witnesses all the murders he commits and from time to time gives a hand dumping the corpses – reality tv at its best! Our hero is taking advantage that the people he kills are people nobody cares about like old and lonely grannies.

You can’t stop from laughing your head off right until the end. But if i had to choose the best part, to me it is when Ben teach the camera crew about the ballast ratio for corpses!



Mr nobody is the last mortal in a world that has come to master the secret of immortality. With 125 years of age, he is soon to pass away, a journalist collects snatches of conversation with the old man. But of all of the lives he is being told, which one is the right one? The life that he spent with his father or the one he lived on his mother’s side? Which one of Anna, Elise and Jane did he finally marry?

To be honest, it is a bit hard for the audience to believe every single life that is possible, actually happens, even with all the Matrix-type-of philosophy in the world. The director could just have shown us how the choices that we make affect our lives for good and the film would have been great that way. At the end of the screening, you can help to remain puzzled because there is no proper end or conclusion to it.

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