The purpose of this blog is to popularize French “author” films, notably by translating them into four languages: French – English – Spanish – Italian. The goal is not to review them in great detail but rather to introduce them to a wide audience. Works of art by F. Truffaut, J-L Goddard, J. Renoir, C. Chabrol, E. Rohmer, J. Vigo … should follow.

All of the posts follow the same structure: First a synopsis, then an introduction to the director’s filmmaking, after that a reflexion on the main themes and finally my personal opinion. Three pictures are inserted in each post and the official trailer can be found at the bottom.

Articles are not very long; they are composed of three paragraphs each.  Filmographies are far from exhaustive, only a few films per director are introduced. The reason being the amount of work is multiplied by translation in 4 languages.

This blog distinguishes itself by the fact that visitors can find articles in their language choosing the one that suits them in the category menu. All posts and translations are written by me so far. Only French is to native level so if you spot any mistake or poor language please kindly report it to me.

By the way I wouldn’t mind someone with good knowledge of German/ Dutch/ Portuguese giving me a hand. A partnership with someone with a greater knowledge of French films would be nice as well.

Again I’m a film enthusiast trying to share my passion for languages and cinema, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in the matter. It’s also the occasion for me to work out if I possess any writing skill that could help me get a culture-based job in the near future.

I admit I don’t know much about French filmmakers at present – I have been watching Hitchcock’s, Fellini’s and Almodovar’s films recently – but this blog is the occasion for me to do some catch-up. So it’s a bit like someone making a blog about a country he plans to go for a year and talking about it to his friends: destination unknown!

>>> Your + & – comments are more than welcome: charlesvsn@gmail.com

Thank you all,

Charles Voisin.


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